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I am a Software Engineer with 2+ yr of experience. I had an off-campus round of Zoho. I got rejected in the third round of… Read More
I applied at Instahyre. The recruiter contacted me for basic info. After some time my interview was scheduled. There were four rounds. Round 1 (DS… Read More
There will be 2 technical rounds and an HR Round.  Round 1: The first technical round is to test your base knowledge. Let me walk… Read More
I applied through Employee Referral. The whole process was completed in a single day(Saturday). There were 4 openings and 20 students were shortlisted for the… Read More
Cognitive Assessment -1: 1hr 6 coding questions- medium to tough. I was able to solve 4 of them. Cognitive Assessment -2: 1hr 5 coding questions… Read More
I was interviewed for Computer Scientist 1 role. I was having experience of 6.5 years in Java Backend Development at the time of the interview.… Read More
I was contacted by HR from oracle for SDET Role through LinkedIn. Round 1: Output of printf(“%d %d %d %d”, i++, ++i, i++, ++i) if… Read More
Round 1: Find duplicates in the array – python Remove Duplicates from a string  – python Javascript question. var obj = { name: "vivek", getName:… Read More
Coding Round: Round 1:  Find occurrences of a given element in a long sorted array Find the max element in an unsorted array.… Read More
I have a more than one-year experience profile and my resume got shortlisted at Adobe for the profile of SDE(testing). Round 1 Technical 1(1.15 hours):… Read More
I was contacted by a recruiter to schedule interviews for Angel one Round 1: Given a list, find odd elements in single line code in… Read More
Recently I have cracked Luxoft Interview so I think I can some share some tips and guidance with you to crack Luxoft-A DXC Technology Company(or… Read More
I was contacted by an amazon recruiter for the SDE-1 role. Coding Round: Two questions were asked to be solved in 105 minutes in which… Read More
Coding Round : Round 1: Basic string manipulation coding (python) Linux commands(grep, ls) Flask vs Django . What to use when Detailed… Read More
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