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Interview 1: Before the interview began we were asked to solve 6 questions Write a function to swap a number in place without temporary variables.… Read More
Goldman Sachs Interview questions – Onsite (Experience: 1+ years) Technical rounds – 4 Managerial round – 1 Technical rounds Round 1 Explain RESTful web services.… Read More
This was for a Developer Specialist (JAVA,JAVASCRIPT) position(4-6 yrs). It was a very long process but was an awesome one!!! Round 1 (Telephonic) [ >… Read More
I recently had interviews with, Bangalore. Here’s my interview experience Written round: 1) Insert a number at its correct position in a sorted circular… Read More
I recently interviewed at Adobe, Noida office and got the offer. I had 1-year work experience. It was a standard process comprising of an aptitude… Read More
1st round online test- 1. Psychometric Test 2. General Aptitude 3. Analytical Aptitude 4. Verbal Skills 5. Computer Skills 6. Coding Skills Coding ques –… Read More
First of all, i got the mail and was asked to attend one online test. Online test had 6 parts-psychometric test, aptitude, logical, English, computer… Read More
Written Test: 1) 15 Aptitude Questions 2) 25 CS Fundamentals & Couple of output questions. 3) Coding Question: A thief trying to escape from a… Read More
Here goes my experience. Skype Round: 1) Level order traversal of a binary tree. Extend or modify the code to zig zag traversal.… Read More
1st Round : (2 hrs) 1. Implement LRU Cache, 2. Implement your own Blocking Queue. 3. Questions on Collections , a. How AtomicInteger works b.… Read More
OnSite Interview ( 5 years experienced) Round 1 – ( 40 mins) 1. You are getting a running stream of integers. This running stream is… Read More
Telephonic: 1. Determine if Two Trees are Identical 2. Transform to Sum Tree Round 1 1. Left View of Binary Tree 2. Peak element Round… Read More
Hi, Recently i had interviews with Amazon. 1st Round (Telephonic): 1. Given an integer array and a constant number X, print all pair of number… Read More
Like other product-based companies, Microsoft also asks data structures and algorithms as part of their technical interview. Below is a list of questions prepared from… Read More
Amazon SDE1 Off campus Written Round 1. Given an array in which elements are first increasing and then decreasing. find the maximum element in the… Read More

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