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Following is the summary of the interview I have given the interview for OYO rooms for 5+ years Java Developer Round1 : Discussion about my… Read More
The interview started off with a small introduction to myself, about what I currently do in my job and what are my areas of interest.… Read More
Round 0: I was given two problems to solve on paper (I wrote this as zero because it was not elimination round) Given a linked… Read More
Round 1: Distance between two given nodes in a binary tree. I was asked to write the optimal approach for the this. A group of people… Read More
I appeared for the Goldman Sachs recruitment process for the position of Technical Analyst, Bangalore. I applied via employee referral. Round 1: Hackerrank written test… Read More
I applied for the position of Software Engineer at Microsoft IDC, Hyderabad, given 1.5 years of my experience. My rounds were of intermediate level I… Read More
Round 1: 2 questions on mettle – online judge 1. longest palindrome of a given string. 2. There are n candies and K student. candies… Read More
I got a call from Cisco Systems, Bangalore for Software Engineer role. Total rounds: Hackerrank Test+ 3(Tech) + 1 (Managerial) Hackerrank test is pretty standard… Read More
Round 1: HackerRank Test Two coding questions were given , which needs to be solved in 1 hour. Very simple level questions. Given a string,… Read More
I have interviewed with Goldmanc sachs in Nov-17. The process  is very slow as in my case first round was started in Sept-17 and last round… Read More
Goldman Sachs conducted a Code Sprint where 6 challenges were given. I solved 4 of them and was ranked below 1600 out of 10120 candidates.… Read More
Written : Given a string and pattern with (*, ?) Check if it can match the string. Find an element in first increasing and decreasing… Read More
Round 1: Place all numeric characters in string before alphabet characters . Using min swaps and O(1) space and Maintain the order of characters. Round… Read More
Round 1: Online Round on Hacker Earth. Two questions were given – Given a string consisting only of A and B. Find the maximum length… Read More
Round 1: Phone Interview – Lasted for 45 minutes(Originally scheduled for 30 minutes). Questions involved about resume and projects. Understanding of data structures. Coding :… Read More