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I was interviewed at Paytm office, Noida for Backend Developer role in March 2018. Round 1: Discussion on current work and projects mentioned in the… Read More
Round 1: k frequently words in a given file of huge data. Find index of distortion in a sorted but a little bit distorted array.… Read More
I applied in Walmart Labs through employee referral, next day got call from HR and asked me to brief about my work and how much I am… Read More
Round 1: First round was multiple choice question based on Core Java on inheritance, exception handling, type erasure, threading etc. Round 2: Second round was… Read More
Drive was conducted for software developer (6 months work ex) Round 1: two written questions – – Check if a binary tree is subtree of… Read More
I got contacted by a recruiter agency. 1st Round (HackerRank Test 1 Hour 30 Mins): 1) 2) 2. Given a sequence of M and… Read More
Vizury I got contacted by a recruiter on LinkedIn for Bangalore location. Telephonic round (DS and Algorithms) (1 Hour): 1) Print the level order traversal… Read More
I had got a call through Naukri Portal . I got interview invite for a weekend drive. Round 1 Hacker rank test : Q1 :… Read More
Round 1: It was a written which consisted of 6 coding questions. It was set up just to see how well you can optimize code.… Read More
Round 1: First round was taken on mettl, online judge. There was two questions and that required to be done in 1hr 1. A paragraph… Read More
Round 0: Online Coding Test (90 Min – 4 Coding Questions) Run length encoding Input : aaaaaabb Output : a5b2 Input :aaaaabccc Output :a5bc3 Linked… Read More
Round 1: Telephonic round. Find max 1 in a row of a 2D array. Find the biggest square in a 2D array. Round 2: On… Read More
Round 1: Telephonic: 1) Remove duplicate numbers from a very large file. 2) Print anagrams of a string found in a very large file 3)… Read More
It was really a great experience in RazorPay, they actually tested the candidate which they exactly want . Telephonic Round : About the current work And… Read More
I applied through recruiter, i was having 4 year exp while appearing for this interview, overall it was quite lengthy process. I shared my resume… Read More