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I’ve 3.4 Years of experience in Java. I got a call from Walmart labs through employee referral. There were 4 rounds. Round 1: 1 Hrs… Read More
I was interviewed for customer returns team for Hyderabad campus. I had 1 year and 9 month experience at the time of getting interviewed. Less… Read More
Round 1:   Q1: Sliding window, Q2: Reverse stack with constant space and only Push and Pop function, Q3: Implementation of HashMap, Q4: Basics of… Read More
I got the interview call through LinkedIn and interview scheduled for f2f discussion Round 1: Asked about the job scheduling, 6 jobs are given and… Read More
I got a call from HR of the company. She had seen my profile on The following interview experience is of 4 years professional… Read More
Round 1: Design a File System. The interviewer was looking more for the data structures I would use, if I have to build my own… Read More
It was a recruitment drive at Pune, for Kindle team (Chennai). Round 1 (Screening): Two common questions were given to all. We’re supposed to discuss… Read More
About Me: 6.5 Years experienced professional. [Online] Round 0: Hacker rank 90 min online test. [Onsite] Round 1: Given a string, return whether string is… Read More
Round 1: Unix Java SQL questions of basic knowledge. Previous projects :moderate 1. Questions on Java : manipulation, string 2. Hashing 3. Unix commands 4.… Read More
Round 1: How to make class immutable Shift linked list by k elements Iterative merge sort Round 2: 1) Given rules of below  kind of… Read More
Round 1: Validate an infix arithmetic expression string (braces and brackets are similar to parentheses): (1+2)*{[90*3]-[67+8-9]} Proposed Ans: Djikstra’s Shunting yard Interviewer’s Ans: Parser Tree… Read More
I applied via angelist. I was asked to write code on collabedit while we were discussing problems over phone. Interviewer jumped straight to Technical questions,… Read More
I was interviewed at Paytm office, Noida for Backend Developer role in March 2018. Round 1: Discussion on current work and projects mentioned in the… Read More
Round 1: k frequently words in a given file of huge data. Find index of distortion in a sorted but a little bit distorted array.… Read More
I applied in Walmart Labs through employee referral, next day got call from HR and asked me to brief about my work and how much I am… Read More

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