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Round 1: (Machine Coding)  Implement a Task Planner System. Sprint, story, task, epic, sub story etc. Basic functionalities like create new sprint, delete sprint. change… Read More
Amazon Interview Experience Coding Spiral tree traversal Design card for shuffling Find max diff between two array element a[j]-a[i]; j>i Round 1(PS) Given an array… Read More
Round 1: We had a detailed discussion on the architecture and HLD of the current project in my present organisation. You are given a set… Read More
I was called to Noida office of Adobe situated in sector 132 Noida. Round 1: Remove half nodes from a binary tree. (Half Nodes =… Read More
Zilingo’s backend architecture is built as micro-service architecture written in Scala and Play framework. Round 1: Skype Coding Round Question 1:  Find the first non-repeating character… Read More
Round 1: This was a written round. 2 questions were asked. 1. Sum of digits is given and count of digits is given, we need… Read More
Round 1: Was with a higher level manager and he asked about the current project (or any project you are comfortable with), challenges involved, your… Read More
1st round was skype interview: Question 1 : Given a bst find 4 numbers which sum upto a given number . without using extra space… Read More
Just attended a lateral hiring for Senior Development Engineer, Amazon at Amazon, Gurgaon. Was asked the following questions. Round 1 Q1 Find the max of… Read More
Recently I went for Manhattan Associates for Software Engineer Interview First Round Consisted of 20 Aptitude questions mostly from class 10th topics and One Java… Read More
Round 1 – Online Coding (HackerRank) LFU Cache Implementation with capacity c and key value pair Given a height of tunnel H and array for… Read More
Round 1: Current company project in depth. We have used Kafka for some functionalities. Discussion on Kafka. Immutable classes. Discussion on hashmap. Why default size of… Read More
Hi, I was recently interviewed for the MTS -QA position for  Nutanix (Location: Bangalore). I have 1.5-year experience in the storage domain. Following were the… Read More
Round 1(DSA, Design, Java) 1. Write a code to find kth largest element in an array. Interviewer was interested in the most optimal solution straight… Read More
I had attended a Microsoft hiring event for Hyderabad location and Azure team. My experience is as follows: F2F First round : 1. 2.… Read More