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On 31st July TCS Codevita season, 8 interviews are being scheduled for my zone in Kolkata branch of TCS, Gitanjali park. As I called for… Read More
Round 1: Telephonic interview Tell me about yourself. DB Schema design: Given tables user, follow and post. User will have user_id, user_name, post_id, follow_id. Follow… Read More
Pen and Paper were given and 4 Questions were there. And no time limit. 1. Given a value N, if we want to make change… Read More
Round 1: Algo round Given a sorted array, find two values a and b which sum up to x. I told use binary search, he… Read More
Round 1: Online test Consisted of MCQs based on Java – predict the output, multi-threading, etc. Two programming questions – Implement functions of an interface… Read More
I will tell you how I prepared for aptitude test of Big4s. You can decide for yourself how to go about with the help of… Read More
Round 1: This round was online written test on hackerrank platform. There were two questions Connect N ropes with minimum cost problem. Article : Practice :… Read More
Round 1: F2F Technical.(1 hr) Discussion Regarding Previous Projects in C++. Design a Dictionary. The APIs you would support and Data structure to store all… Read More
Round 1: Written Round (pen and paper based) 1- Print binary tree in zig zag order 2- Design deck of cards with 52 cards and… Read More
Round 1: Machine Coding Round Design a stock exchange system. There is a list of stocks given with following attributes – order_id time stock name… Read More
Round 1: Machine Coding Design a snake and ladder game. Code should be modular and demoable. Time given was 90 minutes. He mentioned the code… Read More
Some recruiter from DE Shaw contacted me asking to fill a tedious form. She then told hiring team will review the form along with the… Read More
Grofers interview experience in Grofers Bangalore Office in May 2019 I visited their Bangalore Office Twice 1) First visit – 3 Technical rounds – 1… Read More
Round 1: Online HackerRank There were 3 questions. Find the smallest positive integer value that cannot be represented as sum of any subset of a… Read More
Online Assessment Round : Question 1. Given a matrix of 1 & 0. Where 1 is a valid path piece. Given a src and dst… Read More

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