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The hiring process at Expedia for the SDE-2 java Backend role consists of 5 stages. 1 Coding test on hacker rank followed by 4 rounds… Read More
I got a call through LinkedIn. I got an interview invite for a weekend drive. Online Coding: (1.5 hours): Minimum cost to delete the adjacent… Read More
Coding Round 1: Given a pair of integers (a,b), you can perform the below operations any number of times and in any order. Change (a,b)… Read More
There are 5 rounds of Interviews. Round 1(HR interview resume shortlisting ): Tell me about yourself. What experience do you have in this field? Do… Read More
I was interviewed at Nuedesic Banglore for the Dotnet developer role in July 2022. There was a total of 4 Rounds. Round 1(Code debugging): In… Read More
I was interviewed at Qualcomm Hyderabad for the Senior Engineer role in Sept 2022. I have been referred by one of my friends. There were… Read More
I was interviewed at Amazon Bengaluru for SDE 2 role in Sept 2022 Round 1 (Online Test, Hackerrank): Don’t remember the exact question, one was… Read More
Recently Got a call from Microsoft. HR asked about my current work and experience and provided me an update on the procedure for Microsoft Hiring.… Read More
This was the amazon Chennai team conducting a hiring event in the amazon Gurugram office on 15th July 2022. Round-1 ( DSA )… Read More
Coding Round: There were two coding questions.1. Given Array Of Strings, Find Pairs of Strings that have a difference of 1 right rotation. Example –… Read More
Round 1:  Given two arrays of integers nums and index. Your task is to create a target array under the following rules: Initially, the target… Read More
Round 1: Subsequence Count: OS Scheduling algorithms MySQL query for 8th highest salary. What is caching? Have you used caching in your project? When… Read More
Coding Round:  Given a number x, and a range of y to z. Please find the count of all the numbers in the range. Such… Read More
Round 1 (1 hr):  1. Project in college Explain project Do you use the JDBC tool to connect or the JDBC connector? Why spring boot?… Read More
There were total 4 rounds Machine coding DS/Algo Design Round Hiring manager Round Machine Coding Round: Need to implement the multilevel cache design. Each level… Read More

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