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Amazon Interview Experience for SDE – 1 Off campus Drive Bengaluru. Myself 2019 passed out. First round is a written round. There are different sets… Read More
Profile: Sr. Computer scientist (3.4 years Experienced ) , frontend JS developer There were 4 rounds of interview: Round 1: It was a written round… Read More
Technical Round 1) Find Second Max Element from an array on following conditions: array modification not allowed, all integers are positive 2)Given an input year… Read More
I had 2 years of experience when I got a call from Goldman about hiring going on for a certain team. There were 6 rounds… Read More
Hitachi Consulting has a different approach than mass recruiters. They have in total of 6 rounds each of them being elimination round. Round 1 Online… Read More
Team Name: Azure DevOps Round 1 Given an array of probability distribution, generate a function to return a char with given probability. str=[‘a’, ’b’, ’c’]… Read More
Amazon Interview Experience 1: Screening Round: Find all pairs that add up to 0 Find all pairs with sum closest(abs value) to 0 but non… Read More Find a node which is at max distance from node ( burnt tree)- OOPS Design swiggy- Result: Rejected My Personal Notes… Read More
It was contacted by GS HR in August and was provided a test link for HackerRank Test. HackerRank Test: Given a matrix of integers, the… Read More
Round 1: Introductory interview In this round, they basically explained what their company was all about, what they do and what I will be doing:… Read More
TCS Conducted their NQT all over India. Round 1: English-Fill in the blanks type. Quant – 15 questions out of which 10 were mcq and… Read More
Round 1: Technical(F2F – about 45 minutes) Detect whether the given linked list is Y-shaped. – [ ] Clone a linked list with random pointer.… Read More
Round 1:  Written a. Given a Binary Tree, find the sum of all leaf nodes which are at the maximum depths in the tree. b.… Read More
Round 1:IQ Round (There are 50 question  in 12 Minute) Round 2: Coding Round (3 question 90 minute) Question 1- String are given need to… Read More
I’d received a call from recruiter on Linkedin. My preferred language was Java. Coderpad Round1 (1 hour, 2 questions):