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At the time of interviews, I was having 1.3 Years of experience as an Application Developer. Round 1: HR Screening Round Current Project + Previous… Read More
I contacted the recruiter through LinkedIn and share my resume with them. Within 2 days, he sent me the test link. At that time I… Read More
Round 1: Application screening round and duration for this round was 30 minutes. Someone from talent acquisition called to get background in my projects and… Read More
Location: Hyderabad MAQ software is the best company on the off chance that you are a fresher and need to take up an entry-level position… Read More
There was a certain call from a consultancy firm which picked my profile from naukri portal and called me regarding Goldman Sachs for C++ developer… Read More
Round 1: 1)Given unordered array of sizes of stones, need to crush them by smashing 2 stones each other. If smashing stones of same size… Read More
The HR contacted me after seeing my profile on LinkedIn . Round 1:  It was a Hackerrank based online test . There were 3 questions… Read More
Hackerrank – input: digit, and arr of numbers – output: count total of that digit in number else reurn -1; 2. share stock = a… Read More
Round 1: Online Hackerrank round (90 minutes) Find number of Positional Elements 0/1 Knapsack problem. The problem required you to print the exact order of… Read More
I was interviewed for Software Engineer 2 position for CISCO Chennai Campus. I totally had 7 rounds and it took 2 weeks for the complete… Read More
I interviewed at their Gurgaon Office. Round 1: Initially we had a talk about the projects that I had done in the past. The interviewer… Read More
Designation:- Graduate Engineer Trainee Bond:-  2 Years Total Selected Candidates:-  2 {1 Boy, 1 Girl (At least one girl will be definitely selected regardless of… Read More
Amazon Chennai conducted drive for SDE 1 and SDE 2 recently on 28th September in Delhi Initially there was a written round where we were… Read More
Round 1: Find an element in Bitonic array Longest Bitonic Subsequence | DP-15 Round 2: Merge k sorted arrays | Set 1 Round 3: Design… Read More
Amazon Interview Experience for SDE – 1 Off campus Drive Bengaluru. Myself 2019 passed out. First round is a written round. There are different sets… Read More