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I participated in the placement drive of ABB recently for the post of Software Engineer. (Time frame is given below for reference) It was a… Read More
Online coding round (Hackerrank): 2 easy coding questions; Time: 120 minutes Game of Book Cricket. Simple string encoding-decoding problem. After clearing the online test,… Read More
Unrealistic. Impractical. I applied for an Application Developer(Full-Stack) role in Pune India. The interview process consists of 4-5 rounds. About me: 7+ Years of Full… Read More
One of my colleagues from a previous company at Microsoft has referred me for the SDE-1 position. And a month later they have called me… Read More
I appeared for the interview for the Carbon Black division under VMware in October 2020. The process was virtual. I had 3 technical rounds: Round… Read More
I am Yeshu Garg sharing my Interview Experience which happened during the pandemic period. This was new and different to all 2021 Pass-Out Batches as… Read More
I got this opportunity during the COVID time and hence all the interview rounds were conducted on Amazon Chime (video call) and I had to… Read More
Applied for SDE-1 @Amazon through Jobs Portal for Bangalore Location. Total 5 rounds (all Online) were taken including Written Test. Below is my experience. Round… Read More
The test was conducted on Hackerrank platform and there were three questions that needed to be solved in 100 minutes: Run-length Encoding. Device name system:… Read More
I applied through LinkedIn. After a week, I got a call from HR. Telephonic Screening Interview (30 mins): Basic OOPS Concepts, Modularity, Clean Code, SOLID… Read More
Had 2 Rounds: Coding Round – DS & algo Design Round Round 1: Design a game. There are blocks nodes connected in an undirected graph… Read More
Round 1: Delete Nth node from the end of the given linked list. I gave the straight forward solution and tested it in codility. Traverse… Read More
Referral through a friend. Round 1: The interviewer explained the question very well with examples and asked me to give an approach to solve the… Read More
Round 1 (Online coding Round): This round was held on Amcat. There were 2 coding questions. Given the 2D matrix. Each cell has a value… Read More
Arranged by a recruiter. They conduct a total of 3 rounds for SDE2 Round 1: 3 questions on DS-Algo of Medium difficulty Given a binary… Read More