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Basically, I got a call from a recruiter via the Nakari portal in November stating that he is a Recruiter at Manhattan and looking for… Read More
I recently had the opportunity to interview with Netomi, a leading provider of AI-powered customer service solutions. The interview process consisted of 5 rounds and… Read More
Hello, friends I’m gonna explain my interview experience for Kodnest Csr free training. First round: Aptitude Test Here it consists of 20 questions. Ten questions… Read More
C-DOT came to our campus to interview candidates for a full-time position as a research engineer. Bangalore/Delhi was stated as the company’s location. Eligibility: CGPA… Read More
Role: Backend Developer (Experience: 2.5 years) I applied through LinkedIn and received the invitation for the first round (Hackerrank online test) within 1 week. Online… Read More
Difficulty Level: (Easy-Medium) Background:(Years of Experience: 2.5 Years) There were 4 rounds – DSA, LLD, HM, and HR Round 1: DSA Easy to Medium level… Read More
Difficulty Level: (Easy) Background: (Years of Experience: 2.5 Years months) I got the interview through a recruiting consultancy. There were 2 rounds – DSA and… Read More
I had a total of 3 rounds, all being virtual as well as eliminatory rounds.Round 1: (2 DSA questions) Sudoku solver Delete and Earn Round… Read More
Round 1- What is dependency Injection? What advantages of Spring boot? How to handle Exceptions in spring boot? What is virtual DOM? Difference between props… Read More
Hi, This role is required for 3+ years of experience. The process involves 2 rounds only: 1st Round- Technical Round-45mins Questions were mostly asked on… Read More
Recently applied for Senior Technology Associate at Publicis Sapients Gurgaon Location for Java Backend Domain. (JAVA Backend | Spring Boot | Microservices) Round 1: MCQ… Read More
I was approached by a Barclay recruiter regarding the open position of Java Backend Engineer for the Pune location as I had applied to it… Read More
I applied through LinkedIn and I got a call from Tcs HR regarding the interview scheduling for the technical round. So after two days, I… Read More
It was an on-campus placement drive that I attended from the college side. First round: It is a written round that is online, it consists… Read More
Round 1(Online Assessment): This round consists of 3 sections Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning – 15 MCQs – 15 minutes Code snippet – 15 MCQs –… Read More