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Category Archives: Indian Economic Development

What is Poverty? Poverty is a particular issue that affects many countries around the world. There can not be a universally acknowledged definition of poverty.… Read More
Pre-Reform Scenario Since independence, India has followed a mixed economic system in which the advantages of both capitalist (market) and socialist (planned) economies are combined.… Read More
India is a large and populated country, yet it is still in the process of development. Hence, one of the most essential factors that will… Read More
What is Employment? People do a wide range of jobs to earn a living. Work significantly impacts our lives as individuals and as members of… Read More
On 15 August 1947, India gained Independence from the two hundred years of British rule. Finally, India became the master of its destiny, and the… Read More
Since Independence, Indian Planning focused on providing better jobs to the people in order to increase their living standards. Even after giving surplus job opportunities,… Read More
The Green revolution happened due to the modernisation of Indian agriculture during the mid-sixties. Due to the increase in population during the late 1950s and… Read More
In the early 1990s, India faced a major crisis followed by a foreign exchange deficit, resulting in its economic downfall. To overcome the crisis, the… Read More
The economic activities concerned with the production of goods (steel energy), extraction of minerals (coal mining), and provision for services (tourism) are referred to as… Read More
The economic policies introduced by the British rulers in India resulted in the rapid transformation of the Indian economy into a colonial economy, the nature… Read More
From the experiences of the past years, it is indicated that modern farming methods have overused the natural resources base. Excessive chemical fertilizers and pesticides… Read More
Agriculture can be defined as “The art and science of growing plants and other crops and raising animals for food, other human needs, or economic… Read More
Privatisation refers to transferring ownership of services and assets from the public sector to the private sector. The assets owned by the public sector can… Read More
Right after the approval of the new constitution on 26 January 1950, a planning commission was set up and constituted in March 1950 by the… Read More
After being declared an independent nation on 15 August 1947, the Indian government, along with the British officials, announced the partition of the country. The… Read More

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