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Knowledge Management (KM) is the process of identifying, creating, capturing, organizing, storing, sharing, and effectively utilizing knowledge and information within an organization or community. It… Read More
In recent years, we have seen the rise of Indian entrepreneurs who have founded some of the most innovative startups. While many of these stories… Read More
Whether you are an experienced applicant looking for an advancement in your career or a fresher who is looking for a job, finding a new… Read More
Human Resource Accounting (HRA) is an accounting method that focuses on the measurement and quantification of human resources in an organization. It involves assessing the… Read More
Performance appraisal is a process in which an employee’s job performance is evaluated, and feedback is provided on their strengths and areas for improvement. It… Read More
IJP refers to “internal job posting.” When a job vacancy opens, the companies or the hiring teams always try to post it internally, and the… Read More
Performance Management System (PMS) refers to the processes and tools used by organizations to assess and improve employee performance. It involves setting clear expectations and… Read More
Performance Appraisals, also known as performance reviews, are a process of assessing and evaluating an employee’s job performance systematically and formally. The primary purpose of… Read More
Sexual harassment is a pervasive and serious problem in the workplace, and it can have devastating consequences for employees who experience it. It can lead… Read More
KRA means, “Key Result Area or Key Responsibility Area,” which highlights the key job roles and responsibilities that an employee is expected to handle. It… Read More
360-Degree Feedback is a type of performance appraisal or evaluation method in which an individual receives feedback from multiple sources, including their supervisor, peers, subordinates,… Read More
What is Workplace Violence? Workplace violence is any type of physical or verbal aggression in a workplace setting. It can take many forms, including threats,… Read More
What is Human Resource Accounting(HRA)? Human Resource Accounting (HRA) is a branch of accounting that involves the identification, measurement, and reporting of the value of… Read More
The JD format should remain the same for all positions. However, when it comes to digital marketing, it is believed that it is an important… Read More
A software developer designs and builds computer programs and desktop computers. They not only identify user needs but also create new applications and software for… Read More

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