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MongoDB is a NoSQL document-oriented database used to store data in high volume. Instead of using columns and rows or tables that were used in… Read More
A Line Chart is a graph or curve that is used to present the data information as a series of data points. These data points… Read More
Gitlens is a popular open-source extension available for Git. Though it can not be installed independently without VS Code. VS Code is a widely used… Read More
A Bar Graph is a graph that represents the categorical data with rectangular bars with respect to the height and lengths of the bar, which… Read More
A comparison chart is a general kind of chart or diagram which shows the comparison of two or more objects or groups of objects. This… Read More
Rasterio is completely associated with Python language. In Python, many packages & libraries are present. Among them, some important libraries are NumPy & GDAL. NumPy… Read More
Git is a library for git written in Node.js which allows for the manipulation of git repositories by the Node.js application. Git (npm), not to… Read More
In MS Excel, we can draw various charts, but among them today, we will see the interactive chart. By name, we can analyze that the… Read More
Eclipse is an IDE (integrated development environment) used in computer programming. Eclipse is an IDE in which we can use any type of programming language… Read More
Postman is an API(application programming interface) development tool that helps to build, test, and modify APIs. Almost any functionality that could be needed by any… Read More
Youtube is the most popular video streaming platform owned by Google. You can find almost all the genres on Youtube, consisting of but not limited… Read More
Flask is a python module. It can work with python only. It is a web-developing framework. A web framework is a collection of libraries and… Read More
OpenCV stands for Open Source Computer and Vision Library. It is a huge open-source library with more than 2500 algorithms that are optimized to perform… Read More
Git is a distributed version control system. It is needed when there is any collaboration work present. Like in any company project development or in… Read More
PHP is a high-level programming language. It is mainly used for web development purposes. Along with HTML language, PHP is highly used also. HTML is… Read More

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