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Hadoop is a Big Data tool that is written into Java to analyze and handle a very large size data using cheaper systems/servers. It is… Read More
Hadoop is a data processing tool used to process large size data over distributed commodity hardware. The trend of Big Data Hadoop market is on… Read More
A Disk has a block size, which decides how much information or data it can read or write. The disk blocks are generally different than… Read More
Hadoop is a framework written in Java used to solve Big Data problems. The initial version of Hadoop is released in April 2006. Apache community… Read More
Hadoop is an open-source software framework written in Java along with some shell scripting and C code for performing computation over very large data. Hadoop… Read More
Prerequisites: Hadoop and MapReduce Required setup for completing the below task. Java Installation Hadoop installation  Our task is to count the frequency of each character… Read More
MapReduce and HDFS are the two major components of Hadoop which makes it so powerful and efficient to use. MapReduce is a programming model used… Read More
Map-Reduce is a programming model that is used for processing large-size data-sets over distributed systems in Hadoop. Map phase and Reduce Phase are the main… Read More
SQOOP is basically used to transfer data from relational databases such as MySQL, Oracle to data warehouses such as Hadoop HDFS(Hadoop File System). Thus, when… Read More
If you’ve ever come across the ‘Big Data‘ term (which is quite common in the present-day scenario) then you must have heard about the ‘Hadoop‘… Read More
Hadoop is an open-source software framework built on the cluster of machines. It is used for distributed storage and distributed processing for very large data… Read More
Today tons of Companies are adopting Hadoop Big Data tools to solve their Big Data queries and their customer market segments. There are lots of other… Read More
Hadoop is the Apache-based open source Framework written in Java. It is one of the famous Big Data tools that provides the feature of Distributed… Read More
HDFS is one of the major components of Hadoop that provide an efficient way for data storage in a Hadoop cluster. But before understanding the… Read More
Daemons mean Process. Hadoop Daemons are a set of processes that run on Hadoop. Hadoop is a framework written in Java, so all these processes… Read More

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