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Overview :YARN stands for “Yet Another Resource Negotiator“. It was introduced in Hadoop 2.0 to remove the bottleneck on Job Tracker which was present in… Read More
Overview :In today’s world data has become the most important part of life and storing and using the data for different purposes has become an… Read More
SQOOP : Previously when there was no Hadoop or there was no concept of big data at that point in time all the data is… Read More
In this article, we will discuss what is Hbase, different types of data storage approaches, why HBase is preferred as compared to other databases, advantages,… Read More
Partitioning in Apache Hive is very much needed to improve performance while scanning the Hive tables. It allows a user working on the hive to… Read More
Big Data deals with large data sets or deals with the complex that dealt with by traditional data processing application software. It has three key… Read More
Hive is a data warehousing tool that was built on top of Hadoop. Hive acts as an interface for the Hadoop ecosystem. It is a… Read More
Apache Spark is a lightning-fast unified analytics engine used for cluster computing for large data sets like BigData and Hadoop with the aim to run… Read More
Big Data is a collection of data that is growing exponentially, and it is huge in volume with a lot of complexity as it comes… Read More
Apache Spark is a unified analytics engine and it is used to process large scale data. Apache spark provides the functionality to connect with other… Read More
Big Data is a huge dataset that can have a high volume of data, velocity, and variety of data. For example, billions of users searching… Read More
Eclipse is an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) that helps to create and build an application as per our requirement. And Hadoop is used for storing and… Read More
Hadoop Can be installed in two ways. The first is on a single node cluster and the second way is on a multiple node cluster.… Read More
Hive comes with various “One Shot” commands that a user can use through Hive CLI(Command Line Interface) without entering the Hive shell to execute one… Read More
To Perform setting up and installing Hadoop in the pseudo-distributed mode in Windows 10 using the following steps given below as follows. Let’s discuss one… Read More

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