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Swarm Intelligence (S.I.) was introduced by Gerardo Beni and Jing Wang in the year 1989. S.I. simply means using the knowledge of collective objects (people,… Read More
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Outreachy is a three-month-long internship program which is organized by the Software Freedom Conservancy for the people who are underrepresented in this specific field. It… Read More
It is stated that “If you give me six hours to chop down a tree then I will spend the first four hours sharpening the… Read More
In this COVID-19 pandemic, the world is moving from the “work from office” culture to the “work from home” culture. Also, people across the world… Read More
1. Vagrant :It is a tool for constructing and managing virtual computing device environments in a single workflow. It offers an easy and convenient to… Read More
Regardless of any job profile or any company – ‘Tell Me About Yourself’, it is undeniably the very first question that you often face in… Read More
Python is an amazing programming language that can possibly be used in every field be it data science, software development, machine learning, automation, web scraping,… Read More
Python is one of the most loved programming languages today. Shockingly, Python has overtaken Java in the list of top programming languages and is now… Read More
If you’re a developer then surely you might have listened to SOLID Principles word several times in your programming career. In Software development, the SOLID… Read More
Today there are millions of websites and applications and billions of users with a single user having multiple accounts on various websites and mobile apps.… Read More
Android, currently the most popular and open-source operating system for mobile devices, is used globally nowadays. Also, currently, most developers are eager to learn android… Read More
Object-Oriented Design…the most important topic to learn in programming. If you’re a fresher or a software engineer working in a company then surely you might… Read More
Progressive Web Apps(PWA’s) are installable applications built for mobile and desktop devices using web technology (they are intended to work on any standard platform). PWA’s… Read More