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.bg-primary .bg-danger breadcrumb alert-success dropdown data-toggle=”collapse” col-md-4 Aren’t all the above words familiar to you?? If yes….then surely you’re using bootstrap (or you might have… Read More
The last time this world changed a lot was with the invention of the internet! Can you imagine ever living without the ever-present Google or… Read More
Do you wish to pursue your master’s or post-graduate studies abroad? Are you aiming for education in the worlds’ top universities? Then the exams that… Read More
Though in today’s digitally-advanced world, we’re having various distinct sources to expand our knowledge about anything such as via YouTube videos, blogs, etc. However, among… Read More
It has been widely observed that there is a huge gap in the number of men and women working in technical fields, and this leads… Read More
Cybersecurity is like Tom and Jerry! While Tom always tries new ways to catch Jerry, he manages to escape in some way or another. Most… Read More
Cloud computing is currently one of the hottest technologies in the industry and the spike is well attributed to the coronavirus pandemic. Even before the… Read More
Redux is one of the most confusing and probably a difficult topic for someone who is trying to learn it from scratch. But why?? Is… Read More
1. MEAN Stack Developer: MEAN refers to M for MongoDB (No SQL database) E for Express.js (a framework on top of Node.js) A for Angular… Read More
If you’ve ever faced any interview then you must have heard this line from the interviewers – Do you have any questions to ask? Indeed,… Read More
No one can deny that C and C++ have been the first programming language of a large number of developers across the world. Even in… Read More
Software Engineering is a complete domain in itself, and it is one of the most growing fields in the IT industry. As technology is growing… Read More
Kaggle is the most popular platform for Data Science. It has multiple free datasets, projects that you can use for practice, and competitions that have… Read More
All of us have great ideas, about which we think that if implemented, can turn into really successful products in the future. So this article… Read More
VS Code is the most commonly used code editor which provides a bunch of features that are very helpful for developers in writing code. Visual… Read More

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