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System Design is the core concept behind the design of any distributed systems. System Design is defined as a process of creating an architecture for… Read More
During a job interview, your body language can make or break you. If you make the wrong gestures, it profiles you as standoffish or insecure… Read More
Cybersecurity is the trending domain of the IT industry. As per the reports, people spend around $70 – $80 Billion on cybersecurity and considering the… Read More
Web Development is indeed one of the most high-paying jobs and is also in great demand. But building a website isn’t just enough, developers also… Read More
Moore’s law, when stated that the number of transistors doubles on a microchip every two years, what really meant was that speed and capability of… Read More
Emails are the most used form of communication in the digital world, especially for formal messaging. This is why it is imperative to have a… Read More
Blockchain is the future of data science. It’s a decentralized ledger that stores an ever-growing list of records called blocks in a secure and encrypted… Read More
‘Software Engineer‘ – it has been a very stable career for a very long time. The demand for software engineers in the last few years… Read More
In 2019, Facebook went through the biggest crisis when its user data was breached. Data stemming from the Cultura Colectiva breach was 145GB. It consisted… Read More
When the pandemic struck, it came with a wave of great resignation which put the world in a stressful situation. During the year 2021, 60%… Read More
Database Administrators create databases as per the needs of the company and make sure they function effectively and efficiently. This is a grooming career path… Read More
Students who are looking for jobs through on-campus placement or off-campus placement always have this doubt about which companies to target – product-based companies or… Read More
You are applying for a lot of jobs, but all your efforts seem worthless. You wonder why other software engineers with the same educational background… Read More
Let’s be real that everyone, at least once, thinks about this question in their mind – “How to make money online”. Bet that you’re one… Read More

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