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Triangle is one of the basic 2-D shapes in geometry. It consists of three angles, three side and three vertices, e.g.,  On the basis of… Read More
The Ratio is the measure of the relative quantity of two or more than two entity. It is often expressed in terms of the fraction,… Read More
There is a different type of numbers: natural number, real number, whole number, integers, etc. Integers are the numbers -1, -2, -3, -4, 1, 2,… Read More
Percent is combination of two words per which means for each and cent means hundred. So, percent means some quantity for each hundred quantity. It… Read More
A number can be expressed in terms of base and its powers or exponent or index (Number = Baseexponent). The base of a number can… Read More
The value of a digit can be determined by using its digit, position of digit in the number and base of the given number system.… Read More
The Quantitative Reasoning Section is the most scoring section of GRE. This section evaluates the aspirants on their basic mathematical concepts of algebra and geometry.… Read More
The Verbal Section is considered to be the most difficult section among the aspirants in GRE. This section aims to check the aspirant’s ability of… Read More
The GRE experimental section is the most popular and highly discussed section among all the aspirants. It has gained massive popularity from the fact that… Read More
Analytical Writing is one of the most sought after sections of GRE. Although the score of this section is not added in the overall score… Read More
Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is the most prestigious competitive exam, taken for seeking admission in graduate schools across the United States. GRE needs ample amount… Read More
Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is the prestigious competitive exam taken for admission in graduate schools across the United States. Preparing for GRE is therefore important.… Read More
The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is the most preferred examination for graduate schools in countries like United States, Germany, Canada, etc. GRE is considered to… Read More
Preparing a word list for GRE is very useful as it helps in last minute quick revisions. Here are few steps to prepare a word… Read More

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