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Here are some questions related to Style of writing C programs: Question-1: Why i++ executes faster than i + 1 ? Answer-1: The expression i++… Read More
Let S be a finite partially ordered set. The size of a maximal antichain equals the size of a minimal chain cover of S. This… Read More
Integer and character variables are used so often in the programs, but how these values are actually stored in C are known to few. Below… Read More
Vantieghems Theorem is a necessary and sufficient condition for a number to be prime. It states that for a natural number n to be prime,… Read More
Suppose f(x) and g(x) are 2 functions satisfying three conditions: 1) f(x), g(x) are continuous in the closed interval a <= x <= b 2)… Read More
Nesbitt’s inequality is one of the simplest inequalities in mathematics. According to the statement of the inequality, for any 3 given real numbers, they satisfy… Read More
Brocard’s problem is to find values of m and n such that n!+1 = m2 For example, a pair (4, 5) solves the above equation.… Read More
A number of the form 2x + 1 (where x > 0) is prime if and only if x is a power of 2, i.e.,… Read More
Starting with any positive integer N, we define the Collatz sequence corresponding to N as the numbers formed by the following operations: N → N/2… Read More
Consider below questions. How many spanning trees can be there in a complete graph with n vertices? How many labelled Trees (please note trees, not… Read More
Most of the languages including C, C++, Java and Python provide the boolean type that can be either set to False or True.Consider below programs… Read More
We have discussed different methods to find nth Fibonacci Number. Following is another mathematically correct way to find the same. nth Fibonacci Number : Here… Read More
Storage class of a variable determines whether the item has a global or local lifetime. In C, typedef is considered as a storage class like… Read More
In C, fseek() should be preferred over rewind(). Note the following text C99 standard: The rewind function sets the file position indicator for the stream… Read More
Predict the output of following program. #include <stdio.h> int main()  {    int x = 012;    printf("%d",  x);    getchar();    return 0; } The program prints 10.… Read More

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