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Aptitude Tests are used by many recruiters around the world. Their purpose is to test technical skills, attitudes, and soft skills related to the search… Read More
“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney The placement season has already started and many… Read More
The preparation for acing a tech interview starts with a complete and worthwhile roadmap or preparation plan. It is quite obvious that until and unless… Read More
VMware has come to our campus in early August for recruiting. They conducted 5 rounds in total. Round1: Online Aptitude + CODING This is a… Read More
Incedo Inc. visited our college, SRM Institute of Science and Technology in August’21, and everything was conducted in virtual mode. I applied for the role… Read More
In mathematics, asymptotic analysis, also known as asymptotics, is a method of describing the limiting behavior of a function. In computing, asymptotic analysis of an… Read More
Given a lower triangular matrix Mat[][], the task is to store the matrix using column-major mapping. Lower Triangular Matrix: A Lower Triangular Matrix is a… Read More
The gotoxy() function places the cursor at the desired location on the screen. This means it is possible to change the cursor location on the… Read More
Prolog is a rationale programming language. It has a significant part in computerized reasoning. In contrast to several other programming languages, Prolog is expected basically… Read More
InkWell is the material widget in flutter. It responds to the touch action as performed by the user. Inkwell will respond when the user clicks… Read More
Lamport’s Logical Clock was created by Leslie Lamport. It is a procedure to determine the order of events occurring. It provides a basis for the… Read More
In this, we will discuss the basic overview of RPA(Robotic Process Automation) and AI(Artificial Intelligence) and then will mainly focus on their differences. Let’s discuss… Read More
Skype interviews are new normal nowadays. The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected each and every sector not only in India but even in the entire… Read More
In early 2021, You conclude that you will do something productive this year, so you decide to learn new things or sharpen your already learned… Read More
In this article, the various functions of the const keyword which is found in C++ are discussed. Whenever const keyword is attached with any method(),… Read More

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