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When a test engineer prepares a test case, he or she may skip some scenarios like entering incorrect data, and writing incorrect navigation steps, all… Read More
Cloud Testing is one type of software testing in which the software applications are tested by using cloud computing services. Cloud testing intends to test… Read More
Software testing is a process, of testing software performance to determine whether an improved software meets the stated requirements or not and to identify errors… Read More
Visual Testing is also called Visual UI Testing. It validates whether the developed software user interface (UI) is compatible with the user’s view. It ensures… Read More
The Test strategy document is a high-level document that outlines the testing technique used in the Software Development Life Cycle and confirms the test kinds… Read More
Mainframe testing is used to evaluate software, applications, and services built on Mainframe Systems. The major goal of mainframe testing is to ensure the application… Read More
For online businesses and for blogs there is always a requirement for the website and for that website we also need the website name so… Read More
In this article, we will learn to parse HTML in PHP. What is parsing? Generally parsing is converting one data type to another. It means… Read More
Getting started with this you need to understand about the WordPress you can read from here to create any website using WordPress click here link1… Read More
In React, every instance of a component goes through a lifecycle that consists of creation (mounting), updating, and deletion (unmounting).  Mounting is the initial phase… Read More
In this article, we will learn about the error handling process in Express.js and how it is done. Error handling process in Express.js refers to… Read More
Let us see a shopping cart application using JSX as the frontend. It is an XML/HTML-like syntax widely got used by React that extends ECMAScript… Read More
In this article, we will learn how we can change the style/class of an element. If you want to build a cool website or app… Read More
Polyfill is a way to modify or add new functions. It is basically a piece of code to add/modify the new functions. It is used… Read More
Page redirection is a way of redirecting users and web browsers to another web address that was not requested by users. The page to which… Read More

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