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File reading is such an important aspect of a programming language. We need to perform certain operations programmatically, using automation in file reading/writing allows us… Read More
You have a “Website” and you are wondering how to make it safe from Hackers? You have been meaning to set up a secure connection… Read More
Function Overloading: Function overloading is a feature of object-oriented programming where two or more functions can have the same name but different parameters. When a… Read More
We all are facing a pandemic situation. But in this situation also, we all love to enjoy food at different restaurants. In the pandemic situation,… Read More
React Native is a framework developed by Facebook for creating native-style apps for iOS & Android under one common language, JavaScript. Initially, Facebook only developed… Read More
Node.js is a runtime environment like Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, and backend runtime environment that executes outside a web browser.… Read More
Uses of PHP $_REQUEST: The PHP $_REQUEST is a PHP superglobal variable that is used to collect the data after submitting the HTML forms as… Read More
Semantic UI is an open-source framework that uses CSS and jQuery to build great user interfaces. It is the same as a bootstrap for use… Read More
Foundation CSS is an open-source & responsive front-end framework built by ZURB foundation in September 2011, that makes it easy to design beautiful responsive websites,… Read More
Semantic UI is an open-source framework that has some predefined classes to make our website look beautiful and responsive. It is similar to bootstrap as… Read More
Kanban is a popular Agile Software Development Methodology. It is basically a signaling device that instructs the moving of parts in a ‘pull’ production system,… Read More
In this article, we must need an azure-managed OS disk from that OS disk we are copying the data to the azure page blob, and… Read More
In this article, we will learn about “How we can manage disk data from an existing disk to a new disk”. In this process, we… Read More
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud is a networking service that you can use to establish boundaries around your AWS resources. It gives you full control over… Read More
AWS Lambda is a computing service provided by AWS that will make sure that your Lambda function will be executed only when it is triggered… Read More

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