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Foundation CSS is an open-source & responsive front-end framework built by the ZURB foundation in September 2011, which makes it easy to design beautiful responsive… Read More
NAT Traversal stands for Network Address Translation Traversal. This type of traversal method is used in web technologies to manage and process all the IP… Read More
Foundation CSS is an open-source & responsive front-end framework built by ZURB foundation in September 2011, that makes it easy to design beautiful responsive websites,… Read More
Semantic UI is an open-source framework that uses CSS and jQuery to build great user interfaces. It is the same as a bootstrap for use… Read More
The world is digitized and so are the jobs which every individual seeks to be financially independent. Talking about employment, there are various means generated… Read More
During the East India Company Rule, a lineage of Charter Acts was passed and one of the important among them is the Charter act 1853.… Read More
During British Rule, Bengal was one of the largest areas covering provinces with a huge population of 78 million. This wide expanding area was making… Read More
The e-Governance or electronic governance means utilization of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) to carry out the functions and achieve the results of the governance.… Read More
C# is a general-purpose,  object-oriented programming language pronounced as “C Sharp”. It is a lot syntactically similar to Java and is easy for users who… Read More
Education is a tool that empowers individuals in all aspects of their life. It widens his knowledge, skills, techniques, and his vision of the world.… Read More
RPC is an effective mechanism for building client-server systems that are distributed. RPC enhances the power and ease of programming of the client/server computing concept.… Read More
The Complex data types require advanced data mining techniques. Some of the  Complex data types are sequence Data which includes the Time-Series, Symbolic Sequences, and… Read More
We know, NoSQL are databases that store data in another format other than relational databases. NoSQL deals in nearly every industry nowadays. For the people… Read More
A Distributed system consists of numerous components located on different machines that communicate and coordinate operations to seem like a single system to the end-user.… Read More
A cluster is the collection of data objects which are similar to each other within the same group. The data objects of a  cluster are… Read More

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