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Environment and economy are like two wheels of a bike that need to be driven together for the growth of a nation. Many renowned economists… Read More
Money laundering usually refers to making money via illegal sources and presenting it as legit money. However, money is not limited to making illegal money… Read More
The Constitution of India has designated three funds to manage the accounts of the government of India. It provides for a manner in which the… Read More
NFT stands for non-fungible token. Non-fungible is a monetary term that you can use to describe such things as your fixtures, a music record, or… Read More
Caste is a social category set out in a hierarchical order; it has derived its legitimacy from classical Hindu scriptures. Caste originated initially as ‘varna’,… Read More
Article 178 and 179 of the Indian constitution defines the Speaker, who presides over the highest legislative body called the Lok Sabha. It is the… Read More
Coral reefs are the massive seawater structures formed by the accumulation of tiny-bodied organisms known as coral. Corals are living animals that have a symbiotic… Read More
For computers, it is as difficult to understand words and numbers as humans can, computers need a specific language to understand it. To make the… Read More
Direction (1-5): The following question contains two equations as I and II. Solve both equations and determine the relationship between them and give answers as:… Read More
Q1. In the given question, a phrase/ idiom has been given and there are three ways in which the phrase/ idiom has been used, in… Read More
Over the period of time, problems of a nation (based on Social, Economic, and Political conditions) take various forms and dimensions. The conditions which existed… Read More
Cultural education is a reflection of the cultures and heritage of any society in the world. Every citizen and child is taught to learn their… Read More
Sir Syed Ahmad Khan had a remarkable impression on history and is known for his remarkable work for the upliftment of Muslims in Social, Educational,… Read More
In the late nineteenth century, Swami Vivekananda was considered a pioneering figure in India who worked towards bringing massive social reforms to society. He contributed… Read More
The landmass of India is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. A wide range of birds and animals live in the diverse… Read More

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