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When we want to contribute to a git project, we need to make sure how to manage the remote repositories. One can push and pull… Read More
Poverty is described as the inability to satisfy fundamental demands due to a lack of appropriate financial resources. Food, clothing, and shelter are all basic… Read More
Given, a Tree with N nodes, and an integer P, the task is to remove at edges in range [1, P) and find the XOR… Read More
All the Revolutions in the modern world have stood firm on strong foundations of information sharing. Indian National Movement in this sense was no different… Read More
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Given a positive integer N. Find the minimum number of operations needed to reduce N to 0 when N can reduced by its divisor at… Read More
Given two integers N, Y, generate a permutation of length N such that sum of all prefix minimum of that permutation is Y. Example:  Input:… Read More
Given integers N and K, the task is to find the number of factors of NCK. Since the answer can be very large return the… Read More
Foreign trade liberalization simply means the relaxation provided by the government in foreign trade laws and policies. These relaxations mainly include a reduction in taxes… Read More
Development does not mean that only a section of the society gets benefited, but in the true sense, the development of a nation reflects an… Read More
Landslide refers to the sudden movement of rock mass, debris, soil, or vegetation down the slope due to the force of gravity. It is a… Read More
When you or your company decides to move your database from your on-premise servers/computers to a cloud environment, consistency and availability are two important factors… Read More
In this article, we will explore the ways of testing different Azure Functions. This includes, for example, running tests of HTTP trigger functions using Postman… Read More
Environment and economy are like two wheels of a bike that need to be driven together for the growth of a nation. Many renowned economists… Read More

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