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Category Archives: GeeksforGeeks Initiatives

Jobathon is a 2.5 hrs coding contest targeted toward hiring freshers and interns, organized by GeeksforGeeks on the 21st of every month for organizations that… Read More
At Geek on the Top, we are constantly connecting and sharing success stories of Geeks from all over the world who have reached their life’s… Read More
GeeksforGeeks Student Chapters are university-based community chapters creating a coding culture for students interested in Computer Science and other core technical competencies. By joining the… Read More
MedPiper Technologies Pvt Ltd is a Bangalore-based YCombinator-S20 Health-tech startup that verifies and connects doctors and Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) with hospitals and healthcare institutions for… Read More
Kranti Tech Services offer a wide range of Cutting edge IT services & solutions like Architecture Consulting, Product Engineering, Cloud & Internet Scale Solutions, Enterprise… Read More
A data-enabled and technology-driven Educational Products and Services Company, Careers360 seamlessly integrates millions of student and institutional data points with the user-generated preferences of its… Read More
OneFin is a suite of financial technology tools. They provide solutions to bulk payouts, salary transfers, collections, reconciling payments & so on. Challenges They were… Read More
If you are new to the software Engineering industry or just started studying computer science you may have heard about open source software like Git,… Read More
We are going to create a to-do list web API using Django rest framework, docker and also going to write different tests for different functionalities… Read More
In this article, we’ll try to understand how the blobfromImage function from the dnn module in the OpenCV library works and when should you use… Read More
Opencv 3.3 brought with a very improved and efficient (dnn) module which makes it very for you to use deep learning with OpenCV. You still… Read More
In this article, we will see how we can make a simple app with Pygame. Pygame is a library for python that helps us to… Read More
In this article, we will see how to get data from ImmutableMultiDict in the flask. It is a type of Dictionary in which a single… Read More
In this article, we are going to see how to utilize Pandas DataFrame and series for data wrangling. The process of cleansing and integrating dirty… Read More
If you like to play with API’s or like to scrape data from various websites, you must’ve come around random annoying text, numbers, keywords that… Read More

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