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Prerequisite: Finite Automata Introduction, Designing Finite Automata Problem-1: Construct DFA, which accepts set of all strings over {0, 1} which interpreted as binary number is… Read More
Prerequisite – Paging  Multilevel Paging is a paging scheme that consists of two or more levels of page tables in a hierarchical manner. It is… Read More
Prerequisite – Types of area networks – LAN, MAN, and WAN  LAN stands for local area network. It is a group of network devices that… Read More
Classful Routing: Classful Routing does not import subnet mask. And in this also subnet mask is provided after the route update. In classful routing, subnet… Read More
ICMP stands for Internet Control Message Protocol and IGMP stands for Internet Group Message Protocol. Both are the most important thing or term in networking.… Read More
Prerequisite – SHA-1 Hash, MD5 and SHA1  Both MD5 stands for Message Digest and SHA1 stands for Secure Hash Algorithm square measure the hashing algorithms… Read More
Prerequisite – Network Devices Bridge is a network device, which works in data link layer. Through bridge, data or information is store and sent in… Read More
Encryption is the process of converting normal message (plaintext) into meaningless message (Ciphertext). Whereas Decryption is the process of converting meaningless message (Ciphertext) into its… Read More
Both Router and Switch are the connecting devices in networking. A router is employed to settle on the littlest path for a packet to achieve… Read More
Prerequisite – Network Devices Bridge: Bridge is a network device which works in data link layer. Bridge connects two different LAN working on same protocol.… Read More
Prerequisite – Mathematics | System of Linear Equations Let A be a matrix. Since, number of non-zero rows in the row reduced form of a… Read More
In Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), Receiver’s MAC address is fetched. Through ARP, (32-bit) IP address mapped into (48-bit) MAC address. Whereas, In Reverse Address Resolution… Read More
Both Modem and Router square measure the networking devices, wherever a electronic equipment connects your laptop or your network to the Internet Service Provider for… Read More
BOOTP stands for Bootstrap Protocol and DHCP stands for Dynamic host configuration protocol. These protocols square measure used for getting the information science address of… Read More
Determinant of a Matrix is a scalar property of that Matrix. Determinant is a special number that is defined for only square matrices (plural for… Read More

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