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An array multiplier is a digital combinational circuit used for multiplying two binary numbers by employing an array of full adders and half adders. This… Read More
Rules for CSMA/CD:   If medium is idle, transmit, otherwise go to 2 If the medium is busy, continue to listen until the channel is idle,… Read More
Pushdown Automata: A Pushdown automata (PDA) is a finite state machine with an added stack storage. Additional stack is used in making the decision for transitions… Read More
Prerequisite – Functions of Operating System The File Manager is a system software responsible for the creation, deletion, modification of the files and managing their… Read More
Deadlock is a situation which involves the interaction of more than one resources and processes with each other. We can visualise the occurrence of deadlock… Read More
Life is a matter of choices and every choice you make makes you.  This is especially true for the GATE exam where around 10 lakh students appear annually and… Read More
Countable Set is a set having cardinality same as that of some subset of N the set of natural numbers . A countable set is… Read More
Very similar to Process Control Blocks (PCBs) which represents processes, Thread Control Blocks (TCBs) represents threads generated in the system. It contains information about the… Read More
When a thread moves through the system, it is always in one of the five states: (1) Ready (2) Running (3) Waiting (4) Delayed (5)… Read More
Prerequisite – Classification of Top Down Parsers Predictive parsing is a special form of recursive descent parsing, where no backtracking is required, so this can predict… Read More
Subtraction of two binary numbers can be accomplished by adding 2’s complement of the subtrahend to the minuend and disregarding the final carry if any.… Read More
Database Management System (DBMS) is basically a collection of interrelated data and a set of software tools/programs which access, process, and manipulate data. It allows… Read More
Prerequisite – Belady’s Anomaly Belady’s Anomaly is when the number of page faults increases even after increasing the number of frames. In this article, we demonstrate Belady’s… Read More
Static Linking: When we click the .exe (executable) file of the program and it starts running, all the necessary contents of the binary file have… Read More
Prerequisite – Classification of Context Free Grammars, Ambiguity and Parsers Left Recursion: Grammar of the form, S --> S / a / b It is… Read More

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