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Symbolic analysis helps in expressing program expressions as symbolic expressions. During program execution, functional behavior is derived from the algebraic representation of its computations. Generally,… Read More
In this post, we will see the Host Operating System versus Guest Operating System. But, before we get into the differences, it’s important to understand… Read More
The term “two-level logic” refers to a logic design that uses no more than two logic gates between input and output. This does not mean… Read More
A microcontroller is a self-contained desktop that can be utilized in an embedded system. A few microcontrollers may run at clock rate rates and use… Read More
In this post, we will discuss the rollback segment in detail. Before the rollback segment, we need to understand transaction processing. A transaction is nothing… Read More
Eigenvalue: The specific set of scalars connected with the system of linear equations is known as eigenvalues. Matrix equations are where it’s most commonly employed.… Read More
When we transfer some data over a network then there are possibilities that data get corrupted due to some network problem. Bits inside data might… Read More
When the token pattern does not match the prefix of the remaining input, the lexical analyzer gets stuck and has to recover from this state… Read More
Consider a set A and U denotes the universal set then complement of set A can be found by Ac =U-A. But, a graph G(v,… Read More
A compiler is system software that translates the source program written in a high-level language into a low-level language. The compilation process of source code… Read More
The technique of collection of all the free space in a contiguous manner to make system and memory run efficiently is known as Compaction or… Read More
Transmission Control Protocol  (TCP) is a transport layer protocol. TCP makes packet transmission from source to destination smoother. It is a connection-oriented and end-to-end protocol.… Read More
In an operating system, memory management plays a vital role in maximum CPU utilization, when space is allocated to a process there is some loss… Read More
Reentrant Kernel: In kernel mode, a reentrant kernel allows processes (or, more precisely, their corresponding kernel threads) to give up the CPU. They have no… Read More
A Pushdown Automata (PDA) is a way to implement context-free Grammar in a similar way. We design Finite Automata for Regular Grammar. It is more… Read More

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