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1. Deadlock Prevention : Deadlock prevention means to block at least one of the four conditions required for deadlock to occur. If we are able to… Read More
1. Arithmetic Pipeline : An arithmetic pipeline divides an arithmetic problem into various sub problems for execution in various pipeline segments. It is used for… Read More
Prerequisite – Instruction Formats 1. Three-Address Instructions : Three-address instruction is a format of machine instruction. It has one opcode and three address fields. One… Read More
1. Bandwidth : Bandwidth is defined as the potential of the data that is to be transferred in a specific period of time. It is… Read More
Prerequisite – Network Devices 1. Switch : Switch is a multi-port bridge with a buffer and a design that can boost its efficiency and performance.… Read More
On modeling the design of the relational database we can put some restrictions like what values are allowed to be inserted in the relation, what… Read More
DFA machines are designed to accept the specific kind of input whose output is generated by the transition of input alphabet from each state. Approach… Read More
Prerequisite – Types of Operating Systems 1. Batch Processing : Batch Processing system is an efficient way of processing large volumes of data. where a… Read More
1. Process: Process is an activity of executing a program. Process is of two types – User process and System process. Process control block controls… Read More
Prerequisite – Relational Algebra in DBMS These Set Theory operations are the standard mathematical operations on set. These operations are Binary operation that is, these… Read More
1.Shortest Job First (SJF) : Shortest Job First (SJF) Scheduling Algorithm is based upon the burst time of the process. The processes are put into… Read More
Statements : 1. 2. Proof: Here we can see that we need to prove that the two propositions are complement to each other. We know… Read More
Von Neumann Architecture: Von Neumann Architecture is a digital computer architecture whose design is based on the concept of stored program computers where program data and… Read More
1. CD-R (Compact Disk – Recordable) : CD-R is a blank CD in which data can be stored once. After storing data it is converted… Read More
States through which a transaction goes during its lifetime. These are the states which tell about the current state of the Transaction and also tell… Read More

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