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RAG is the abbreviation for Resource Allocation Graph in operating systems. RAG is a directed graph which can be used to represent the state of… Read More
Prerequisite – Process Synchronization Precedence Graph is a directed acyclic graph which is used to show the execution level of several processes in operating system.… Read More
Prerequisite – Process Synchronization Concurrency is the execution of the multiple instruction sequences at the same time. It happens in the operating system when there are… Read More
Canonical Form is also called standard form, we directly obtained it from truth table and hence we have all the variable in normal or complimented… Read More
Prerequisite – Loop Optimization | Set 1 1. Loop Fission: improves locality of reference – In this, a loop is broken into multiple loops over… Read More
1. SSTF disk scheduling algorithm : SSTF stands for Shortest Seek Time First. As the name specify, this algorithm serves the task request which is… Read More
Prerequisite – Relational Algebra We already are aware of the fact that relations are nothing but a set of tuples, and here we will have… Read More
Before starting off with this article make sure you know the basics of Subnetting and Classless Addressing. 1. Fixed-Length Subnet Mask : When a block… Read More
Prerequisite – Disk Scheduling Algorithms  1. FCFS Disk Scheduling Algorithm : First come first serve, as name suggest this algorithm entertains the task in the… Read More
Prerequisite – Relational Algebra Select operation chooses the subset of tuples from the relation that satisfies the given condition mentioned in the syntax of selection.… Read More
1. Ring Topology :  Ring topology is a type of network topology in which each device is connected to specifically two branches connected to devices… Read More
1. Star Topology:  Star topology is a type of network topology in which all the nodes are connected to the central hub or router. In… Read More
A program is a set of instructions that is aimed at performing specific tasks.A program is therefore a passive entity. A program that is executing… Read More
Deterministic Finite Automata (DFA) is defined as an abstract mathematical concept which is used to solve various specific problems in different software and hardware.In this… Read More
1. SHA1 (Secure Hash Algorithm 1) : SHA1 is a cryptographic hash function which is designed by United States National Security Agency. It takes an… Read More

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