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1. Ring Topology :  Ring topology is a type of network topology in which each device is connected to specifically two branches connected to devices… Read More
1. Star Topology:  Star topology is a type of network topology in which all the nodes are connected to the central hub or router. In… Read More
A program is a set of instructions that is aimed at performing specific tasks.A program is therefore a passive entity. A program that is executing… Read More
Deterministic Finite Automata (DFA) is defined as an abstract mathematical concept which is used to solve various specific problems in different software and hardware.In this… Read More
1. SHA1 (Secure Hash Algorithm 1) : SHA1 is a cryptographic hash function which is designed by United States National Security Agency. It takes an… Read More
1. Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA) algorithm :  RSA stands for Rivest-Shamir-Adleman. It is a cryptosystem used for secure data transmission. In RSA algorithm, encryption key is public… Read More
1. Register : Registers are the smallest data holding elements that are built into the processor itself. These are the memory locations that are directly… Read More
Prerequisite – Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) Header In IPv4 fragmentation is done whenever required, at destination or at routers whereas in IPv6 only source… Read More
1. DELETE :  Basically, it is a Data Manipulation Language Command (DML). It is used to delete one or more tuples of a table. With… Read More
Prerequisite – Relational Algebra Project operation selects (or chooses) certain attributes discarding other attributes. The Project operation is also known as vertical partitioning since it… Read More
Prerequisite – 4th and 5th Normal form 1. Fourth Normal Form (4NF) : Any relation is said to be in the fourth normal form when… Read More
1. Indirect Addressing Mode: This is the mode of addressing where the instruction contains the address of the location where the target address is stored. So… Read More
1. Instances : Instances are the collection of information stored at a particular moment. The instances can be changed by certain CRUD operations as like addition,… Read More
Generalization and specialization are the Enhanced Entity Relationship diagram (EER-diagram) 1. Generalization : It works on the principle of bottom up approach. In Generalization lower… Read More
Consider the following tables in Film Database: ARTIST (Art_id, Art_Name, Art_Gender) PRODUCER (Prod_id, Prod_Name, Prod_Phone) FILMS (Film_id, Film_Title, Film_Year, Film_Lang, Prod_id) CASTING (Art_id, Film_id, Part)… Read More

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