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A Semaphore can be described as an object that consists of a counter, a waiting list of processes, Signal and Wait functions. The most basic… Read More
Maximum Segment Size refers to size of the largest segment that local host accepts within a single packet. It denotes largest amount of data that… Read More
Static Single Assignment was presented in 1988 by Barry K. Rosen, Mark N, Wegman, and F. Kenneth Zadeck.  In compiler design, Static Single Assignment (… Read More
Machine instructions are machine code programs or commands. In other words, commands written in the machine code of a computer that it can recognize and… Read More
Overview : Multi-cycle data path break up instructions into separate steps. It reduces average instruction time. Each step takes a single clock cycle Each functional… Read More
Types of Caches : L1 Cache : Cache built in the CPU itself is known as L1 or Level 1 cache. This type of cache… Read More
Let us know what an IP address is first, if you already know, skip this section.  IP (Internet Protocol): It is one of the fundamental protocols… Read More
The Myhill Nerode theorem is a fundamental result coming down to the theory of languages. This theory was proven by John Myhill and Anil Nerode… Read More
Overview :Based on operation performed, machine instructions can be divided into the following : Data Transfer instructions. Data Manipulation Instructions (Computation) : Arithmetic and Logical… Read More
Consensus is a general agreement on a decision made by the majority of those involved. For example, the problem may be as simple as friends… Read More
Overview :IP addresses and MAC addresses are essential for data communication. Assume there are two networks. The first network has three devices: A, B, C… Read More
Suppose we have a question : Que: Construct minimal state DFA that accepts set of all binary no. which is 2 mod 5(say) Ans: 5… Read More
Machine Independent code optimization tries to make the intermediate code more efficient by transforming a section of code that doesn’t involve hardware components like CPU… Read More
Transition Table :Transition function(∂) is a function which maps Q * ∑ into Q . Here ‘Q’ is set of states and ‘∑’ is input… Read More
In this article we will try to understand the details associated with the DMA (Direct Memory Access) like what exactly DMA is or how it… Read More

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