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Given below are a few examples of a database and a few queries based on that. (1). Suppose there is a banking database which comprises… Read More
Basic Design of Computer says ALU takes two types of inputs (Input Operand, Function Code) to execute a program and generate two types of outputs… Read More
Control Logic Gates is the hardware component of a basic computer. It comprises some inputs and outputs. The diagram given below is related to the… Read More
We know about Decidable, Semi-decidable, and Undecidable problems and in this article, we will briefly define these problems and provide the most commonly asked questions… Read More
In this, we will cover the overview of Predictive Parser and mainly focus on the role of Predictive Parser. And will also cover the algorithm… Read More
In this article, we will discuss LR parser, and it’s overview and then will discuss the algorithm. Also, we will discuss the parsing table and… Read More
Sorting is an algorithm which arranges the elements of a given list in a particular order [ascending or descending]. Sorting algorithms are categorized on the… Read More
Set : Set is a collection of well-defined objects or elements. A set is represented by a capital letter. The number of elements in the finite… Read More
To Prove : The order of every element of a finite group is finite and is less than or equal to the order of the group. … Read More
In this, we will cover the overview of Operator Precedence Parser and mainly focus on the role of Operator Precedence Parser. And will also cover… Read More
Introduction :A protocol is a set of rules used by two devices to communicate. These sets of rules are usually decided by headers (fixed headers… Read More
To Prove :Every subgroup of a cyclic group is cyclic. Cyclic Group :It is a group generated by a single element, and that element is… Read More
When we flip two fair coins simultaneously. Intuitively, the way one coin lands does not affect the way the other coin lands. The mathematical concept… Read More
Physical Layer is the bottom-most layer in the Open System Interconnection (OSI) Model which is a physical and electrical representation of the system. It consists… Read More
User Datagram Protocol is a Transport Layer protocol. UDP is a part of the Internet Protocol suite, referred to as UDP/IP suite. Unlike TCP, it… Read More

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