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The Data-link layer is the second layer from the bottom in the OSI (Open System Interconnection) network architecture model. It is responsible for the node-to-node… Read More
IP routing is one of the important topics in computer networks. IP routing is performed on the data which describes the path that data follows… Read More
The OSI model, which was first introduced by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1977, is a reference that specifies the transferring of data… Read More
If you’re one of the 77,257 students who have appeared for the GATE CSE Exam this year and couldn’t make the list due to a… Read More
Boolean function simplification is one of the basics of Digital Electronics. The quine-McCluskey method also called the tabulation method is a very useful and convenient… Read More
Unix systems have a time utility that allows a user to see where their application took significant time to process. The syntax of this utility… Read More
The modern developments in everyday life, in terms of technology and the internet, are only made possible with the help of the TCP/IP suite.  TCP… Read More
Gate score:807 in EC The interview began with an overall presentation, they asked my name, GATE score, school name, and other such inquiries. Then, at… Read More
Hi!! I’m right now chasing after MTech (PRA) in IIT Bombay in Communication designing and this is my meeting venture….Hope it makes a difference!! 2019… Read More
Liveliness Analysis consists of a specified technique that is implemented to optimize register space allocation, for a given piece of code and facilitate the procedure… Read More
Prerequisite:  ACID Properties in DBMS Concurrency Control in DBMS Transaction Isolation Levels in DBMS CAP in DBMS Each transaction in a Database Management System must… Read More
When the output changes more than once as a consequence of a single change in its input, which is referred to as “dynamic risk.” The… Read More
In a host network, the Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP) is a proprietary distance vector routing protocol that is used to exchange routing information. Cisco… Read More
Generally, in any device, memories that are large(in terms of capacity), fast and affordable are preferred. But all three qualities can’t be achieved at the… Read More
Both computabilities, as well as decidability, tells us about the existence of an algorithm for a particular problem or function, while solving a particular problem… Read More

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