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The full form of FAX is “facsimile”. It is usually written and spoken as FAX. Fax is a scanned copy of text and images that… Read More
IDE stands for the integrated development environment (IDE). IDE Provides an Environment consolidated for the Programmer to write a Computer Program.  IDE helps in combining… Read More
GIF Stands for Graphics Interchange Format. A GIF is a Combination of encoded Images or Frames in a Single file. It is Described by its… Read More
GPS stands for Global Positioning System. GPS is a satellite-based navigation system that allows ground users to provide their exact location, velocity, and time 24… Read More
VPI Stands for Virtual Path Identifier. Its a Combination of an 8-bit field in the header of an ATM cell. It is Basically used for… Read More
JRE stands for JAVA RUNTIME ENVIRONMENT. JRE is a Subset of JDK. JRE is an Important Component of the Java Environment that Provides an Environment… Read More
URI stands for Uniform Resource Identifier. It is a technical term that used for the names of all resources Connected to the World Wide Web.… Read More
JSX stands for JavaScript XML. It is simply a syntax extension of JavaScript. It allows us to directly write HTML in React (within JavaScript code).… Read More
All imported and used to terminologies we are going to discuss over here: Access Point :  This is wireless hardware connection in which networking devices… Read More
AU is an audio brief, a standard audio format for UNIX sound files. The AU file format is the standard Java programming language audio file… Read More
ESN stands for Electronic Serial Number History : ESN was assigned by U.S Federal Communications Commission generally known as FCC in United States in early… Read More
WMI stands for Windows Management Instrumentation. Definition : WMI is a set of specifications from Microsoft for consolidating the management of devices and applications in… Read More
LMP stands for Link Management Protocol It is designed to simplify process of configuration and management of network devices. It is used to manage traffic… Read More
SCTP stands for Stream Control Transmission Protocol.  It is a connection- oriented protocol in computer networks which provides a full-duplex association i.e., transmitting multiple streams… Read More
SRTP stands for Secure Real-time Transport Protocol is a Real-time transport protocol that provides more features to RTP data such as encryption, authentication, integrity, and… Read More

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