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Pivot table is one of the most efficient tools in excel for data analysis. If you are using pivot tables frequently, then you will find… Read More
Microsoft Excel is a great software that is used by individuals to store data in the form of spreadsheets in a formatted manner. Microsoft Excel… Read More
3 Axis Graphs in Excel are the graphs that have three axis. The need for a three-axis arises when the scale of the values is… Read More
Cumulative Frequency is the running total of frequencies starting from the very first frequency up to the last frequency. If we simplify the term running… Read More
In Excel, we can sum numbers in a range which are given along with their units. When we place numbers along with their units inside… Read More
Stem and Leaf plot is a histogram tabulation of data. Stem and leaf plot is better for data visualization and cleanliness of the data in… Read More
Analysis Toolpak is a kind of add-in Microsoft Excel that allows users to use data analysis tools for statistical and engineering analysis. The Analysis Toolpak… Read More
Excel is one of the best ways to organize and present a large amount of data. However, finding data in excel requires certain commands. In… Read More
Coefficient of Variation is a statistical term that is used to measure the dispersion of data points with the arithmetic mean of all the data… Read More
Apache POI supports customized printing by allowing users to select a range of cells in order to configure the desired print area in a worksheet… Read More
Speedometer Chart(Gauge Chart) is the chart that has a needle and points to the desired area in that chart. It depicts a needle in a… Read More
Gantt Chart is the most commonly used chart in project management. The more general definition of the Gantt chart is that it helps to keep… Read More
Apache POI is a popular API that allows programmers to create, modify, and display MS Office files using Java programs. It is an open-source library… Read More
A frequency distribution table is an organized representation of the frequency of each element in a dataset/record. It helps us to visualize data in terms… Read More
Microsoft Excel is a universal software tool that is used by companies throughout the world to store data/numbers in the form of a spreadsheet. Excel… Read More

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