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When you work on excel you’ll probably be assigned a task to sort data alphabetically in ascending or descending order and it is quite an… Read More
Excel is among the most powerful and widely used spreadsheet tools which eases organizing numbers and data within the sheets with pre-built formulas and functions.… Read More
Outliers as the name suggest are something that doesn’t fall in the required/given range. Outliers in statistics need to be removed because they affect the… Read More
In a computer system, variables and data types are almost used in every program to store and represent data. Similarly, Excel VBA also has variables… Read More
Data consolidation is a feature in Microsoft Excel that allows you to collect data from different worksheets to one single sheet in the same workbook.… Read More
In Excel, we can easily add the digits of a number. Usually, calculations that involve multiple values can be dealt with the help of array… Read More
Working with a database is a crucial job. With every data added increases the comprehensiveness to manage records and pick out the needed information from… Read More
Scatter plots are one of the most frequently used charts for data analysis. There can be situations when you want to highlight a particular data… Read More
Message Box is one of the most frequently used functions in VBA Macro. The message box is a dialogue box that appears on the screen… Read More
A contingency table, also known as a crosstab is used to show the relationship between two categorical variables. In excel, we can make a contingency… Read More
Filters are the most commonly used functionalities for filtering out any particular result in a large data set. Dynamic filters searches are used by large… Read More
In Excel, you must have seen an error message before filling up any application form, admission form, and many other forms. It asks us specific… Read More
Microsoft Excel allows its users to store raw data in a well-structured format in a spreadsheet. The spreadsheets consist of numerous cells in the form… Read More
Deleting blank columns and rows is a tedious task when you are working with a large set of data. And manual deletion is not even… Read More
Many a time while working with Microsoft Excel or MS Excel or Excel, we came up with a situation where we have duplicate values in… Read More

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