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Excel provides various functions and methods by which we can compare two columns and identify matching and mismatching data. Working with a very large excel… Read More
Excel is powerful data visualization and data management tool. It is used to store, analyze, and create reports on large amounts of data. It is… Read More
Excel is powerful data visualization and data management tool which can be used to store, analyze, and create reports on large data. It is generally… Read More
A Y-intercept is a point on the line when x is equal to zero. It is more generally used in the slope-intercept form of the… Read More
A Line Chart is a graph or curve that is used to present the data information as a series of data points. These data points… Read More
A Bar Graph is a graph that represents the categorical data with rectangular bars with respect to the height and lengths of the bar, which… Read More
A comparison chart is a general kind of chart or diagram which shows the comparison of two or more objects or groups of objects. This… Read More
Charts are used to represent the data into graphical elements, which makes it very to easy to interpret the data; it becomes very useful if… Read More
In MS Excel, we can draw various charts, but among them today, we will see the interactive chart. By name, we can analyze that the… Read More
When you work on excel you’ll probably be assigned a task to sort data alphabetically in ascending or descending order and it is quite an… Read More
Excel is among the most powerful and widely used spreadsheet tools which eases organizing numbers and data within the sheets with pre-built formulas and functions.… Read More
Outliers as the name suggest are something that doesn’t fall in the required/given range. Outliers in statistics need to be removed because they affect the… Read More
In a computer system, variables and data types are almost used in every program to store and represent data. Similarly, Excel VBA also has variables… Read More
Data consolidation is a feature in Microsoft Excel that allows you to collect data from different worksheets to one single sheet in the same workbook.… Read More
In Excel, we can easily add the digits of a number. Usually, calculations that involve multiple values can be dealt with the help of array… Read More

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