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Radar Chart is a pictorial representation of multivariate data. Multivariate data analysis in statistics is nothing but dealing with more than one outcome or observations.… Read More
The multi-category chart is used when we handle data sets that have the main category followed by a subcategory. For example: “Fruits” is a main… Read More
Pivot tables are one of the most useful features in Excel.  They are used to summarize or aggregate lots of data. The summarization of the… Read More
Excel contains many useful functions and such a function is the ‘MATCH()’ function. It is basically used to get the relative position of a specific… Read More
Sometimes while dealing with hierarchical data we need to combine two or more various chart types into a single chart for better visualization and analysis.… Read More
A cell reference, also known as a cell address, is a mechanism that defines a cell on a worksheet by combining a column letter and… Read More
Freeze Panes is a useful tool located in View Bar. In larger sheets, we have the data headers in the top rows and first columns.… Read More
Excel is all about data management, data utilization. However, many times in Excel datasets, you must have noticed, that an argument is having 2, or… Read More
Timestamp stores a combined Date and Time value. In this article, we will look at how we can create Timestamp and remove Time from Date… Read More
Custom lists are a tool from where we can sort data either by days of the week or months of the year. We can create… Read More
Radio button, also known as Option Button is used extensively when we have a choice of selecting one option from a set of predefined options.… Read More
Excel is a useful tool for data handling, and it is widely used worldwide. The built-in functions make this application more user-friendly. Such a function… Read More
A step chart is used to represent data that changes irregularly between time intervals. Now, Excel doesn’t have a feature to create a Step Chart… Read More
A pivot table is a tool in Excel that allows you to quickly summarize data in the spreadsheet. When it comes to deleting a Pivot… Read More
Goal Seek is a tool available in MS EXCEL to determine or calculate any input value based on the formula and the output/resultant value.  To… Read More

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