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Decile is a statistical method to split data into 10 equal parts.  Each represents 1/10 of the Population or Sample data. It is denoted D1,… Read More
“Pivot Table calculated field” is an option to include more data or calculations in the pivot table.  Often, we need to add our own custom… Read More
In this article, we explain how to extract the last word from a text in a cell using the Excel function.  Extracting words from a… Read More
Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool and is widely useful too. It has various features to ease our work. One such feature is Data Validation.… Read More
We use UBound and LBound functions to get the length of an Array in Excel VBA. In this article, we will discuss them in detail.… Read More
In Excel, Pie-chart is a graphical representation of different sections or sectors of a circle based on the proportion, it holds from the complete quantity.… Read More
Excel is powerful data visualization and analysis program we use to create reports or data summaries. So, sometimes happen that we have to create a… Read More
We can use Select case instead of using multiple if then statements in Excel VBA. In the below example user will enter the student mark… Read More
We use  Range.SpecialCells() method in the below VBA Code to find and return details of last used row, column, and cell in a worksheet. Sample… Read More
Excel VBA code to remove duplicates from a given range of cells. In the below data set we have given a list of 15 numbers… Read More
There might arise a situation while working on Excel where you want the users to type in 10-digits(say)  numbers only in a cell. In these… Read More
The Excel CHOOSE function returns a value/reference from an array using a given position. Syntax:Attention reader! Don’t stop learning now. If you are an Excel… Read More
VBA Program to read a Text file line by line (Sales Data) and places on a worksheet.  Sales Data in Text File: 5 Fields [… Read More
In Excel, we can approach the problem in two ways. [SUMIF Formula and Excel Pivot] Sample data: Sales Report TemplateAttention reader! Don’t stop learning now.… Read More
This VBA Program reads an Excel Range (Sales Data) and write to a Text file (Sales.txt) Excel VBA code to read data from an Excel… Read More

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