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Category Archives: Ethical Hacking

Pre-requisites: Penetration Testing and Reverse Engineering  Radare2, or “r2,” is a powerful and versatile open-source reverse engineering toolkit. It can be used to analyze, disassemble,… Read More
Pre-requisite: Malware In late 2017 the Astaroth Malware was first detected in multiple countries and was mostly used in various cyberattacks. It is a Trojan… Read More
DarkHotel is a notorious cybercrime group that has been active since at least 2007. The group is known for targeting high-level executives and government officials… Read More
Ophcrack is a free, open-source tool that can be used to recover lost Windows passwords. It works by using pre-computed tables to crack password hashes,… Read More
Threat hunting is a proactive approach to identifying and mitigating cyber threats that have already entered an organization’s network. It involves actively searching for indicators… Read More
As the name suggests, checksums, mean we are checking and validating received data whether it is correct or incorrect. For this purpose, Wireshark has a… Read More
Triada is a piece of malware that was first discovered in 2016. It’s a Trojan horse that can root Android devices and give attackers full… Read More
In ethical hacking, multiple IP addresses are often used to hide the true identity of the hacker and make it more difficult to trace the… Read More
Fireball is malware that has infected over 25 million computers worldwide. It is a Chinese software that came bundled with other software programs. The purpose… Read More
WhisperGate is a type of malware that can be used to gain access to a victim’s computer or device. This malicious software can be used… Read More
The Windows Defender firewall is software used to protect the computers running on the Windows Operating system. Microsoft is developing it. Windows defender firewall helps… Read More
Protocol Buffers define how the local and remote Wireshark processes should interact with each other. The protocol buffer chatty layer allows you to configure a… Read More
Super Bluetooth Hack is a very impressive app and will certainly come in handy if you need to know what that unknown phone is doing… Read More
A DNS Rebinding attack takes advantage of the fact that typically when an attacker exploits a vulnerability (such as Cross-Site Scripting—XSS) in order to compromise… Read More
In today’s digital world, software supply chain security is a major concern for organizations. In the age of cyber threats, cybercriminals can use a variety… Read More