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Category Archives: Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking is the practice of testing a system for vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious individuals. Ethical hackers use various methods, such as… Read More
System hacking is the process of exploiting vulnerabilities in electronic systems for the purpose of gaining unauthorized access to those systems. Hackers use a variety… Read More
Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) is a digital communication technique initially developed for use in cable television systems. OFDM is similar to the broadcasting technique known… Read More
Wireless networks and security in today’s world have become a major necessity for human education, entertainment, and survival.  Authorization and authentication are major factors that… Read More
A packet-switched network (PSN) is a kind of computer communications network that sends data in the form of small packets. It allows the sender to… Read More
Cloud computing is a popular choice among IT professionals and companies in the digital marketing industry. It allows users to access shared resources through the… Read More
The Pass-the-Hash technique is published or established by Paul Ashton in 1997 and later it is modified or updated as a Samba SMB client in… Read More
Malicious scripts are used by cybercriminals in order to harm the recipients by injecting harmful code designed by them into a legitimate website or simply… Read More
E-mail security means a subset of data security that includes securing the privacy and accessibility of mail frameworks and the information they contain. It is… Read More
Net-centric computing is a set of principles that have been heavily adopted by the nonprofit organization Cloud Security Alliance. Cloud computing is here to stay,… Read More
Hacktivism is often associated with the term Cyberwar, and is sometimes associated with “Cyber Terror”. A DIR server is an Internet Service Provider or Internet… Read More
An injection flaw is a vulnerability in that applications allow an attacker to relay malicious code through an application to another system. It allows hackers… Read More
Ever wondered why aren’t you able to make changes (moving, deleting) to some files/folders as a normal user on your system? It is because some… Read More
In this article we will know about the one of biggest malware attacks in 2007, It actually brings a change to the world of cyber… Read More
Port Scanning is the name of the technique used to identify available ports and services on hosts on a network. Security engineers sometimes use it… Read More

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