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Given two binary trees, we have to check if each of their levels is an anagram of the other or not. Example:    Tree 1: Level… Read More
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Round I 1.Implement expiry cache system : every page in cache have id and expiry time (TTL of few seconds). After page expires it behaves… Read More
Prerequisite : Page Replacement Algorithms In operating systems that use paging for memory management, page replacement algorithm are needed to decide which page needed to… Read More
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Senior Android developer(4-8 years) Qualification & Experience- · 4-8 years of experience in software development · Experience in Mobile App development in Android is a… Read More
A Priority Queue is different from a normal queue, because instead of being a “first-in-first-out”, values come out in order by priority. It is an… Read More
Prerequisite – Circular Singly Linked List We have discussed basics and how to implement circular queue using array in set 1. Circular Queue | Set… Read More
What is a Circular Queue? A Circular Queue is an extended version of a normal queue where the last element of the queue is connected… Read More
I want to share my interview experience with Paytm with all of you. Round-1 [1.5 hr] Brief introduction Discussion about project why are you using… Read More

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