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Category Archives: Arrays

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Recently makemytrip visited our Campus and I got selected in recruitment drive.The placement drive consisted of 4 rounds. Round1: MCQ and coding round It was… Read More
Given an array with positive and negative numbers, find the maximum average subarray of the given length. Example:  Input: arr[] = {1, 12, -5, -6,… Read More
I was recently interviewed by OLA, I could not make it after the last round. All rounds I had were telephonic, in the last round… Read More
Round-1: Online test There were 2 sections – Aptitude and Coding Section A- 20 MCQ’s on General Aptitude. Section B- There were 3 coding questions.… Read More
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Amazon visits our campus for recruitment. Here I am sharing my experience of the whole process.  Round 1:  First there was an online round on… Read More
Amazon came to our college. Here is my interview experience. There were total 5 rounds. First Round (1.5 hr)- It consist of two sections ->… Read More
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