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Category Archives: Data Structures

Given an array arr[] of size n, the task is to find the maximum possible size x of a subset such that there are exactly… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size N ( N is even ), the task is to construct an array B[] such that the sum of… Read More
Given a tree with N vertices from 0 to N – 1 (0th node is root) and val[] where val[i] denotes the value of the… Read More
A priority Queue is a type of queue in which every element is associated with a priority and is served according to its priority.  We… Read More
ArrayList: Array List is an implemented class of List interface which is present in package java.util. Array List is created on the basis of the… Read More
Given an array vals[] of size N, where each element represents the value of each node (0 ≤ index ≤ N-1) and an array Edges[]… Read More
What is a Tree? A Tree is a non-linear data structure and a hierarchy consisting of a collection of nodes such that each node of… Read More
Given an array arr[] with size N, the task is to find the minimum possible sum of distinct elements over all the prefixes of the… Read More
What is an Array of Objects? An array of objects is a data structure that stores a collection of objects of the same type. The… Read More
What is Fusion operation in Graph Theory? Let u and v be two distinct vertices in graph G. The fusion of the vertices u and… Read More
In graph theory, a partial k-tree (also known as a partial k-tree decomposition) is a graph-theoretic model that can be used to represent and solve… Read More
Stack size is a crucial aspect of C/C++ programming that determines the amount of memory available for storing function call frames and local variables. In… Read More
Modifying Exceptions During Runtime: Suppose there is a Registration Form. If you got exceptional data in the form like in the place of Name you… Read More
Given an integer n. There is a complete binary tree with 2n – 1 nodes. The root of that tree is the node with the… Read More
In graph theory, a clique is a subset of vertices of an undirected graph such that every two distinct vertices in the clique are adjacent,… Read More

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