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Category Archives: Pattern Searching

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Given a sentence S and a string B having distinct characters, find a string by joining the words of S according to given conditions:- Choose… Read More
Given an array arr of integers of size N, the task is to find a subsequence in which upon reversing the order, the maximum sum… Read More
Over the network, messages are sent as data packets. Each data packet is a series of bytes (8bits = 1 byte). The task is to… Read More
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Given two strings A and B, the task is to find the smallest substring of A having B as a subsequence. If there are multiple… Read More
Given a range [L, R), the task is to count the numbers that remain unchanged when rotated 180 degrees clockwise. Examples: Input: L = 0,… Read More
Given a positive integer N, the task is to find the sum upto Nth term of the series:  33 – 23, 53 – 43, 73… Read More

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