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Category Archives: Bit Magic

Write a program that unsets the rightmost set bit of an integer. Examples :   Input: 12 (00...01100) Output: 8 (00...01000) Input: 7 (00...00111) Output: 6 (00...00110)… Read More
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Bit Rotation: A rotation (or circular shift) is an operation similar to shift except that the bits that fall off at one end are put… Read More
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  Write an efficient program to count the number of 1s in the binary representation of an integer.Examples :  Input : n = 6Output :… Read More
Given an unsigned integer, reverse all bits of it and return the number with reversed bits. Input : n = 1Output : 2147483648  Explanation :… Read More
  What are these? Little and big endian are two ways of storing multibyte data-types ( int, float, etc). In little endian machines, last byte of… Read More
Write a “C” function, int addOvf(int* result, int a, int b) If there is no overflow, the function places the resultant = sum a+b in… Read More
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Given a positive integer n, write a function to find if it is a power of 2 or not Examples:  Input : n = 4Output… Read More