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1. Software Engineer : A software engineer is an IT person who designs, develops, maintains, tests, and evaluates computer software/software products using the principles of software… Read More
1. DevOps : DevOps engineer is an IT person who is a part of both development and operation means DevOps engineers work on code with… Read More
1. Texting : Texting is one of the oldest method of communication, and now a days it is less used after messaging came into market.… Read More
2-Dimension : 2-dimensional image is represented by a flat plane figure in geometry, that has two dimensions length and width.  2-D shapes does not have thickness… Read More
1. Database : A Database is a collection of data that is stored in an organized fashion in a table containing rows and columns using a… Read More
1. Routable Protocol : A Routable protocol is a network protocol which carry data from one network and it go through the router to succeed… Read More
Collection is an in-memory data structure, which holds all the values that the data structure currently has. Every element in the Collection has to be… Read More
Data Processing: It is defined as Collection, manipulation, and processing of collected data for the required use. It is a task of converting data from… Read More
Machine Learning: Machine Learning is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that gives frameworks the capacity to naturally take in and improve as a matter… Read More
1. Selenium Remote Webdriver: It is an class that is used to execute the browser automation and to execute assessments in a distributed environment or… Read More
1. Corrective Maintenance (CM) : CM is a type of maintenance task or action is usually performed after equipment failure. It’s simply considered as all… Read More
1. Science : Science refers to the process of exploring new knowledge methodically through observation and experiments. It focuses on ethical process of gathering data.… Read More
Prerequisite – Understanding Hardware and Software  1. Computer Hardware Engineer: Computer hardware engineers research, develop, and test hardware or computer equipment/components. They work in the… Read More
Prerequisite – Difference between Micro-controller (µC) and Microprocessor (µP)  A micro-controller is a single Integrated Circuit (IC) which is comparable to a little stand alone… Read More
1. Broadband : Broadband connection is simply a technology which refers to transmission of wide bandwidth data over a high speed internet connection. The connection… Read More

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